Hawaii Supreme Court issued a significant decision today concerning the rights of individuals charged with crimes, although specifically with regards to concerns that occur regularly for anyone charged with DUI. The DUI case, State v Alkire, involved a person arrested and charged with DUI. Richard Holcomb the attorney for Alkire, had requested that the preservation […]

Been Charged With A DUI? Now What!

If you are arrested and charged with DUI in Honolulu HI you will be facing many obstacles which include but not limited to suspension of driving privileges, Fines and even jail time. When the police officer pulls you over because he or she suspects you are driving under the influence, he or she will usually […]

Example Of a Honolulu Hawaii DUO/OVUII Appeal

I.  Questions Presented 1. Did the Intermediate Court of Appeals commit grave and manifest errors of law and fact in holding that Suppression Hearings in District Court cases may be held the day of trial and evidence adduced at that Suppression Hearing incorporated into trial over Ms. DUI Defendant’s multiple prior objections? 2. Did the […]

The DUI OVUII Complaint / Charge

All DUI’s / OVUII’s are charged through a written complaint.  You will receive a written complaint at your arraignment.  This is a very important document in that it notifies you of the charge against you.  The Hawaii Supreme Court has, historically, taken this requirement very seriously.  They have held that it must state all elements […]