Boating Under the Influence

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Our island state is packed with potential recreational and commercial boating activities.  Along with the joys of boating come a lot of temptation.  Having a few drinks is all too often considered just a part of the fun associated with the water and sunshine.

However, statistics show that an intoxicated boater is ten times more likely to die in a boating accident than a sober boater!  In fact, Boating Under the Influence “BUI” is estimated to cause more than a third of the fatal boating accidents that occur each year on America’s waterways.  The movement of the boat, sunshine, and environmental conditions often amplify the effects of alcohol and increase the danger.  Even if you haven’t been drinking, prescription medications could affect you on a boat, leading to the conclusion that you are intoxicated.

As with driving, many of the skills necessary to boating are impaired by intoxication, such as eyesight, judgment, reaction time, balance, and coordination.

If arrested for BUI in Hawaii, you are facing the same or similar punishments and penalties as if you were arrested for DUI or OVUII.  Those penalties are listed in the DUI/OVUII section of this website.

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