What is the ADLRO and why are they taking my license?

What is the ADLRO and why are they taking my license? The ADLRO is in place to take driver’s licenses away from people who have been charged with OVUII. The Hawaii legislature decided that arrestees are too dangerous to be allowed to drive because they may drive drunk again. The legislature established the ADLRO to […]

DUI Checkpoints and Roadblocks

Roadblocks and DUI Checkpoints This is still the United States of America. It is illegal for a police officer to stop someone for no reason. Yet, if you have been stopped a DUI checkpoint or roadblock, you have been stopped for no other reason than driving down the road at the wrong time. If the […]

Why should I worry about an appeal?

Why should I worry about an appeal if I just got arrested? Unfortunately, there are a lot of attorneys who will charge you a very low fee but will not do anything to prepare for your case. Many people are attracted to those lower priced attorneys because a DUI charge is expensive and unexpected. However, […]

Top Five Reasons to fight your Honolulu DUI OVUII Charge

Top Five Reasons to fight your Honolulu DUI OVUII charge: A number of people ask, can I really win my case? The answer is “yes.” Mr. Holcomb has the highest known success rate in Honolulu. Over 98% of his cases are dismissed. These are people just like you, who may or may not have “good” […]

Example Of a Honolulu Hawaii DUO/OVUII Appeal

I.  Questions Presented 1. Did the Intermediate Court of Appeals commit grave and manifest errors of law and fact in holding that Suppression Hearings in District Court cases may be held the day of trial and evidence adduced at that Suppression Hearing incorporated into trial over Ms. DUI Defendant’s multiple prior objections? 2. Did the […]

The DUI OVUII Complaint / Charge

All DUI’s / OVUII’s are charged through a written complaint.  You will receive a written complaint at your arraignment.  This is a very important document in that it notifies you of the charge against you.  The Hawaii Supreme Court has, historically, taken this requirement very seriously.  They have held that it must state all elements […]