How To Find a DUI Lawyer

Drunk driving Laws are Complex, The Fees and Penalties are Severe. Be Certain You Select the Right Honolulu DUI Lawyer.

Often Honolulu DUI lawyers advertise that they have XX years experience. However, what is the quality of that experience? A dump truck attorney that has been in business for 20 years is still a dump truck lawyer. Lawyers are professionals and should be actively continuing to educate them-selves and participate in national organizations designed to further their education. Leading lawyers also write and publish educational material pertaining to their areas of practice.

Before hiring any Honolulu DUI attorney, investigate the fol-lowing:

For DUI cases, make sure the lawyer focuses on DUI’s. DUI is very complex and no lawyer should “dabble” in DUI practice.

Does the lawyer have a website?

Does it look amateur?

Is the content informative?

Are some of your questions answered?

What is it ranked?

Does the lawyer have to pay to have his or her website ranking elevated (i.e., is it in the shaded area on a google search as a “pay-per-click ad)?

Can the lawyer provide testimonials from other clients?

Can the lawyer provide you with written peer reviews?

Has the lawyer published any articles, journals, or books pertaining to DUI?

CHOOSE WISELY Your Rights Are At Stake

Most citizens accused of DUI have rarely, if ever, hired a lawyer. Unfortunately, there are a large number of lawyers who only want to take your money, intending from the beginning to plead you guilty. Leading lawyers call these lawyers “dump truck lawyers.” It is obviously in your best interests to avoid these lawyers. This brochure offers a simple plan to assist you in evaluating a lawyer. Remember that commonsense goes a long way in assisting you in selecting a lawyer. If a lawyer is quoting you a fee that is far less than other lawyers fees, there is probably a reason.


If you are dissatisfied with any of this information, choose another lawyer. Leading lawyers will openly share this information publicly, through their websites. They are proud of their accomplishments and reputation. They want to share that information with you.