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Holcomb Law, LLLC, is a Hawaii DUI Law Firm owned and operated by Richard L. Holcomb, Esq.  Mr. Holcomb is one of the only lawyers in Hawaii who focuses almost exclusively on defending persons charged with DUI (called OVUII) in Hawaii, and charges related to Driving (or Operating a Vehicle) Under the Influence of an Intoxicant in Hawaii.
Did you know that under current laws in the State of Hawaii, an individual with two glasses of wine or beer at a family dinner might be charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI or OVUII) without even making a single driving error!  The federal government wants to make it even easier to charge you with DUI!

If you are faced with a DUI or OVUII charge, immediately contact an attorney knowledgeable in this area of the law. 

Hawaii DUI Attorney Rick Holcomb has devoted himself to the defense of DUI or OVUII cases. Based in Honolulu, DUI/OVUII Attorney Rick Holcomb has been trained by experts in the errors of DUI or OVUII testing procedures and knows how to present that information in the defense of your charge.  Mr. Holcomb also has extensive experience in and knowledge of litigating search and seizure issues, another strategy that might help your case.  Because of his extensive knowledge, Mr. Holcomb has been called “DUI Akamai .”

Hawaii DUI Defense Lawyer Located in Honolulu

While Mr. Holcomb strives to respond immediately to all inquiries, in almost all cases Mr. Holcomb will contact you within twelve (12) hours in order to discuss your case and options with you free of charge. In most situations, a fifteen (15) minute phone conversation about your Hawaii DUI or OVUII will enable Mr. Holcomb to give you a thorough preliminary evaluation of your DUI or OVUII case and related charges, and options available to you.

He has successfully represented hundreds clients charged with a variety of crimes, including DUI’s.

Mr. Holcomb’s DUI/OVUII criminal defense practice takes pride in its efforts to produce happy and satisfied clients – clients that will take pride in recommending his firm’s services to friends and family when the need for legal services arises.